As sailors, we derive huge pleasure from the sea. However, we have also seen and been saddened by damage to the ocean and our terrestrial environment. In this spirit, the objective of Le Breton Yachts is to minimise the impact to the environment both during construction and during use.


The light weight catamaran design of the SIG45 and SIG60 means that even in light winds, respectable speeds make motoring unnecessary. In stronger winds, both yachts achieve speeds more normally associated with powerboats.


All efforts are made to ensure that materials are purchased from sustainable sources. For example, pre-preg carbon on a foam sandwich was shown by life cycle analysis to have some of the lowest environmental impacts of composite materials currently available on the market. (Building Research Establishment Report). All wood products used are sourced from certified suppliers.

Sanitation and House Systems

Lighting throughout is with ultra-efficient LEDs, which can be as much as 10 times more efficient than halogen lamps, and last many times longer.
Sanitation units are highly efficient (1.5l flush) in order to reduce the consumption of water (an environmental and weight benefit), and holding tanks are provided to avoid marine pollution in restricted areas.