Naval Architecture

With a VPLP design pedigree second to none, the SIG80 will be one of the fastest cruising yachts in the world, capable of speeds well in excess of 30 knots. Having designed Banque Populaire 5, the fastest offshore sailing vessel ever built, VPLP can guarantee effortless performance and superb handling.

The SIG80’s extraordinary performance will not only delight the lucky helmsman (our yachts tend to suffer from a queue of enthusiastic helmsman). The boat will easily be capable of 300 mile days, making new cruising grounds more accessible. In addition, our experience has shown that performance multihulls can offer extraordinary comfort, but not simply thanks to the large space they offer. Very slender hulls cut through waves with little deceleration or pitching. In addition, the powerful sail plan maintains a slight angle of heel (5 degrees), and eliminates rolling and corkscrewing, which is are unfortunate features of heavier, underpowered multihulls.

High aspect raising daggerboards provide both enhanced performance (pointing ability, and reduced drag when raised downwind) and safety (less lateral resistance when raised in strong winds). VPLP’s legendary ability to design beautifully balanced boats with light and sensitive steering scarcely needs introduction.

Port side