Deck Layout and Rig

The SIG80 will be a fast and powerful boat. A coherent and ergonomic deck layout is absolutely essential. The guiding principle is ease of handling with a small professional crew.

There are four distinct elements to the deck layout: two aft working cockpits for sail trim and steering, the forward cockpit for adjusting halyards and reefing lines, and the aft lounging cockpit for guests to dine and relax. There are also large sun loungers either side of the forward cockpit. Naturally, the forward nets provide a vast area for relaxation in fair weather and at anchor – particularly when royally equipped with sun loungers and hammocks!

The SIG80’s deck layout maintains a separation between working and relaxing areas. Considerable attention was devoted to ensuring that flow between the working areas is quick and easy, without the need for the crew to disturb guests.

The SIG80’s carbon rig will feature a flat head mainsail and self-tacking blade jib. Halyards will be on locks in order to reduce compression loads in the mast, and to enhance safety. All sail controls, including headsail furling, will be power assisted, and will feature quick release functions for safety.


Plan A