Deck layout and Cockpits

The Le Breton Yachts SIG60’s innovative cockpit layout optimises ergonomics, safety, comfort and conviviality.

Leading all lines to the cockpit

The first step in achieving safety and ease of handling by a small crew was to bring all sail controls aft to the cockpit. Building on VPLP’s race-winning Imoca60 monohulls, all reefing lines, furling lines and halyards are led aft to the helm positions. This obviates the need for the potentially risky journey to the mast in adverse weather conditions and greatly facilitates communication between the helm and crew during manoeuvres.

Dedicated steering cockpits - creating efficiency and a social nexus

The twin outboard cockpits provide not only a separation of working from relaxing areas, but create a focal point around the helmsman when sailing, unlike the traditional multihull solution of a wheel against the saloon bulkhead, which isolates the helmsman from the rest of the crew. Keeping the wheels close to the rudders keeps cable runs short, and steering light and responsive.

Stern layout