Handling the SIG45 with Family

  • Easy sailing for small crew - the SIG45 catamaran has been designed with simple and efficient control systems, from the high quality self aligning rudder bearings to modern sail handling systems that make reducing sail simple and easy.
  • Stable and comfortable - the 8.4m (27.5ft) beam of the SIG45 makes it remarkably stable. Its righting moment of 23,000kgm compares favourably with that of an Open60 monohull (28-32,000kgm)! This means that the boat is comfortable at sea and at anchor, with very little heel.
  • Space and privacy – the vast deck forms an ideal “play-pen”, while the split accommodation gives privacy to kids or visitors in the starboard “guest hull”
  • Strength - the structure of the SIG45 is exceptionally strong, thanks to Finite Element Analysis, and very generous construction safety margins.
  • Safety innovations - the SIG45 can be supplied with an Anti-Capsize System (ACS), as installed on Francis Joyon’s record-breaking round the world trimaran, IDEC. This unit detects the pitch and heel of the yacht, and releases the sails if they exceed thresholds set by the crew.
  • A helping hand – the SIG45 has been designed from the outset to accept upgrades such electric winches (e.g. For the main halyard or mainsail sheet) to allow small crews to sail with even less effort.

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