Propulsion and Systems

Keeping weight out of the ends of a yacht, particularly one with such slender hulls as the SIG45, is critical to reducing pitching motion. This in turn increases comfort and performance. For this reason, the engines and batteries of the SIG45 are located within one metre of the longitudinal centre of gravity, below the pilothouse sole. This also gives excellent access for maintenance. Similarly, the water and fuel tanks and the windlass and anchor chain are located in the main beam.

The standard SIG45 comes with pressurised hot and cold water, black and grey water systems, a fully fitted galley with double sink, fridge and three burner hob as standard.

The SIG45 is delivered with a pair of Yanmar 29hp diesels, making manoeuvres in marinas very easy. Cruising speed at 2200 revs is 8 knots.

We also offer an optional diesel electric system, which provides ultra-quiet motoring, and significant fuel efficiency benefits over conventional diesels.
The system comprises a diesel generator and two direct drive electric motors. The system is as much as 15-20% more efficient than conventional diesels. This is in part because electrical transmission losses are less than mechanical transmission losses, and in part because the diesel generator is able to run closer to its optimum rev rate for more of the time. From a weight perspective, conventional diesels and the hybrid system are similar. However, compared with a twin diesels and a genset, the hybrid system is considerably lighter.

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