Hulls and Foils

Race bred: smooth, dry and very fast

The hulls are derived directly from the latest generation of VPLP ocean racing multihulls, and in particular Groupama 2, the winner of the 2006 ORMA60 Championship. The characteristic and elegant concave profile bows are designed to simultaneously reduce drag and increase stability and flotation when the hull is submerged well below the stationary water line - the usual state of the lee hull. The hulls are extremely slender, with a length to beam ratio of almost 13:1. Beam clearance, one of the most important innovations on Orange 2, is very high on the SIG45: the mast beam is a full 1.4 metres above the waterline. The combination of the bow design, slender, race derived hulls and high beam clearance result in a remarkably smooth motion. Under sail, the SIG45 is extremely stable and dry, with little or no slamming.

Foils designed for performance and safety

The adjustable, high aspect daggerboards of the SIG45 are canted inwards - this provides the dual benefits of limiting the incursion of daggerboard cases into the accommodation and generating a small amount of upward lift, which helps to reduce pitching. When raised, the draft is only 1.1m. When lowered, the 2.75m deep boards enable excellent upwind performance.

The rudders are based on the ama rudders from the 2004 generation ORMA60s. They are slightly oversized, providing an extra reserve of security. As a result, even when hard pressed, the boat responds immediately and without fuss.

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