Why a Performance Yacht?

  • Most importantly, her performance means that the SIG45 is a pleasure to sail in virtually all conditions – she immediately rewards crew input and responds to gusts with smooth acceleration. You will find your crew queuing to take the helm, rather than to turn on the autopilot!
  • The SIG45 has many gears to select from, depending on the weather, the crew and the programme of the skipper. Sail gently with family aboard and still exceed the speed of almost everyone around you, or really step up a gear with a racing crew.
  • The SIG45 regularly exceeds windspeed even in light winds: e.g.10 knots in 7 knots of wind under gennaker. This means that you can be sailing when others are motoring.
  • The SIG45 can maintain average speeds well into the teens, even short-handed,. This gives a choice of vastly increasing the potential range of day/weekend sails and longer voyages or spending more time relaxing at your destination!
  • The speed of the SIG45 allows it to move faster than most weather systems – a valuable safety feature.
  • Sailing fast is fun! The absolute top speeds of the SIG45 are truly impressive. High teens and low twenties are a regular occurrence with small crews and little effort. For example, the first SIG45 reached 21 knots in 18 knots of breeze on only her third outing. Much greater speeds are available to those looking for more.

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