Deck layout

Huge cockpit entirely free of ropes

The SIG45 catamaran has a vast cockpit between the main and aft beams with a surface of nearly 40 square metres (400sqft). There are no sheets or other lines crossing this area. It is protected on all sides by coamings and / or lifelines at least 65cm high, creating a great area for both families and racing crews.

Crew Protection

The twin helmstations are situated aft, well protected by the pilothouses and coamings (inspired by Bruno Peyron’s Orange 2). Even at speeds well in excess of 20 knots, the SIG45 is very dry. The aft helmstations provide excellent line of sight steering and keep the helmsman and sail trimmers close for good communication (and social interaction!). The three Harken sail trimming winches for mainsheet, traveller and headsails are within easy reach of the helmsman. The beautiful clear coat carbon tillers provide optimum feel, light weight and reliability.

Practical working areas

Halyards, main- and head-sail reefing lines, mast rotation, cunningham, and daggerboards are controlled via a bank of Spinlock clutches and two Harken winches from the winch island at the base of mast. The windlass and anchor chain are also located hear to keep weight well centred.

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