Le Breton Yachts Update October 2008

Dear all

September and October have been busy and productive, so we decided to send a short update in advance of the next Newsletter. The SIG45 has been launched, the mast and sails are rigged, and she is ready to go!

The transport

The transport from the yard to the sea was a journey of about 7km. Tuscany served up a beautiful day for the trip. The boat went into the water the next day, once all the final preparations had been completed. The pictures tell the story. For more images, please visit the gallery on our website.

The launch

The launch was uneventful, but of course an exciting day for the team. No leaks, she floats on her lines and looks stunning.

Getting the boat up to speed

Over the next weeks, the team will be getting the boat up to speed. A first, very gentle, but enjoyable  sail has been completed in 5 knots of wind, but we look forward to reporting on the progress of the boat, as we start exploring her potential in stronger winds with bigger sails.

A full newsletter will follow soon.

Hugo Le Breton

Le Breton Yachts
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