Le Breton Yachts Newsletter Summer 2009

We felt it was time for some independent verification of all the great things we have been saying about the SIG45. As you can see from the comments below, she has certainly made an impression. In addition, at the end of the newsletter, there is some news from some of the VPLP’s other fine vessels.

Warm Greetings from Le Breton Yachts

First Impressions:

“If you are after a cruiser that will smoke any production boat of her size off the track, then here it is.”

Yachting World, April 2009

“From every angle, one recognises that one is receiving a great lesson in design. The aggressive lines are not harsh, and always reflect functional requirements....the brilliant architecture is matched with attention to detail and the highest quality hardware.”

Voiles et Voiliers Magazine, Nov. 2008

“With no deckhouse, it seems you could touch the entire boat; starting from the bow of the hull you are on, across to the other bow and back to the other stern. It makes the boat feel bigger and bigger, but it always feels under control.”

Edoardo, Milan, A-Cat sailor and yachtsman

Under Sail

Steering from the aft quarter by tiller feels like handling something much smaller, a beach cat perhaps. Sitting out, with winches to hand and unimpaired views, is richly rewarding, as is her direct feel. It makes you yearn for more, as you become addicted to the speed... [She is] like an excited puppy waiting to be let of the leash.”

“When .... a breeze breathes onto the stiff laminate sails of a machine like this, the transfer of natural force to acceleration via the carbon mast and PBO to the stiff pre-preg hulls is palpable....like the limbs of a big cat launching itself after its prey”

“Trimming is very manageable thanks to the traveller, main and jib sheets on pedestal blocks next to each tiller. The pit controls for halyards, boards and mast rotation are easy, spacious and safe to work. The entire deck is free of ropes....it’s devoid of trip hazards.”

Yachting World

“The boat is very fun to sail, and makes 10 knots seem very slow”

Paul van Dyke, North Sails

“The sailing experience is very confidence inspiring. I was fortunate enough to helm her on one of her first outings in a F6... the helm always felt solid and in control, we soon shot up to 23knots without really pushing her too hard.”

“The SIG sails extremely easily and would be able to eat up many miles/day with ease. The cockpit is very accessible yet sheltered”

James (First Mate on a 150ft yacht, and crew on 30ft racing catamaran)

“Sailing the SIG45 is an unbelievable experience. I was talking with the crew, standing by the main beam, one hand in my pocket and the other ready to catch hold in case a wave slowed the boat... We were reaching at nearly 20 knots with 18 knots of wind, and 1.5m waves.... In the end, I put my free hand my pocket too, as I could stand, relax and chat anyway...!”

“I could work the boat in gusts, as I do with my 18' A-Class Catamaran.”



“The SIG45 is not all about speed and providing a scintillating ride...no, she’s actually a (semi) production cruiser with an interior you can live in.”

“Headroom throughout, as well as general storage, is excellent.”

“The galley is a very smart design, with a large work surface and excellent stowage”

Yachting World, April 2009

“There is plenty of space below decks to sleep 6 very comfortably with all of the modern creature comforts, from a sexy carbon galley to a state of the art entertainment system.”

“This design allows for a great cruising boat with a huge amount of deck space and plenty of accommodation below, yet doesn't lose its high performance characteristics like bridgedeck cats do.”


“It ‘s amazing that you could lie in bed and read without any rolling while the SIG runs at over 20 knots.”

“The SIG has everything you need for Mediterranean cruising.”


If you are interested in sailing one of the most exciting production yachts currently on the market, get in touch for a test sail on +31655838060.

What a pedigree!

The SIG45’s racing cousins, designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost, have been busy!

Groupama 3 has broken the Marseille to Carthage trans-Mediterranean record, making the crossing in 17 hours, 8 minutes and 23 seconds. This represents a point to point average speed of 26.72knots, but an average speed through the water of 31.03knots.

Banque Populaire, at 131ft, the world’s largest racing trimaran, was launched last year. She has shown that she has very long legs indeed, travelling at 22 knots upwind, and at over 40knot downwind!

The extraordinary America’s Cup Deed of Gift trimaran BMW Oracle Racing (nicknamed DoGzilla) has been astounding all who have sailed her, achieving speeds well over double windspeed, and top speeds so far reportedly in the region of 40knots.

Hydroptere, the 60ft foiling trimaran, has established a record of 46.146 knots for 500m, and 43.09 for a nautical mile. She has even briefly hit 61 knots!

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